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Approval No. HC14015


LOFA Study: Long-term Outcomes of Forgotten Australians Study

The purpose of this study is to understand life experiences of Forgotten Australians and/or people who have lived in all types of institutions (such as children's homes and orphanages) which operated in Australia until the late 1970s and those who lived in other forms of out-of-home-care as children, up to 1989. This information will help us identify the current needs of Forgotten Australians and/or other people who have grown up in 'care' and improve services for them. It will also be useful in developing policies and practices to improve the wellbeing of children who are currently in out-of-home-care and those who are leaving 'care'.

We would like you to note that there are no physical risks involved in the study. However, it is likely that some may experience discomfort in recalling unpleasant memories. If you experience distress, please contact services below.

All the national Find and Connect Services: 1800 16 1109
Relationships Australia: 02 8874 8002
Open Place: 1800 779 379
Micah Projects: 07 3029 7000
CatholicCare Broken Bay: 02 9481 2600

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our research team Dr Hazel Blunden, Dr Patricia McNamara, Paul-Auguste Cornefert or Szilvia Kovacs on 02 9385 1516 or at If you have any additional questions later, Professor Elizabeth Fernandez (02 9385 1865) or Dr Jung-Sook Lee (02 9385 2329) will be happy to answer them.

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